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Emphasis on reading readiness helps kids perform at 2nd grade level by the time they graduate from the preschool.
Flexible hours
Choice to enroll for as many hours per day, or as many days per week. Choice of adding extra hours any day, (or extra days) aside from your routine schedule. Drop-off and pick-up whenever its suits your schedule.
Affordable rates
Monthly tuition $200 (half days, 2 days/wk), ranging to $950 (extended days, 5 days/wk). No long term commitment. Month-to-month payments. All form of payments accepted.

Academic/Social development
Balanced focus on "Academic" as well as "Social development" addressing all the needs of the child, for eventual success in life.
Track Progress
We send home everyday, all the worksheets and artwork, that children work on that day. This way parents know real-time as to what level of learning their child is at. This also helps parents get involved in the child's learning by doing with them the extra work we send home.
Trips and Events.
We have seasonal events almost every month, mostly at venues other than the preschool. Families get to mingle with each other for extended time in an entertaining environment. These events are very nicely celebrated so checkout the pictures/videos on Facebook .

A Few Words About Our Center

Welcome to our preschools. We also provide after-school care, summer camps and tutoring. Besides the structured Montessori education and care; we provide a fun environment where children enjoy developing into their best. View our photo gallery to glimpse into what educational fun children enrolled with us have.

We all are fortunate to be in southern California with its perfect weather and cosmopolitan culture. Children here are more enlightened and have more opportunities to learn and succeed in life. Thats why we offer a variety of enrichment classes. Currently we have enrichment classes ongoing in swimming, languages (French, Spanish, etc.), piano, ballet dancing, sculpting, arts/crafts, culinary science, sign language, gymnastics and music.

We differentiate ourselves from other local preschools by involving our students in additional fun events and activities, besides the 3Rs (Reading, wRiting and aRithmatic), to enhance the overall development of children. Our students develop multifaceted talents due to the exposure to various public events outside the preschool, where they are active participants.



We see ourselves as an organization able to provide all of the children’s needs that parents are unable to provide because of their busy life. Rather than parents having to shuttle the kids from one place of learning to other, we provide all the learnings in one place. Our extra-curricular activities continue to grow with suggestions from parents on what their children’s needs are..

We are dedicated to serving all people on an equal and nondiscriminatory basis. We hope you find our website both informative and practical, with easy access to our downloadable forms, calendar, newsletters and flyers, as well as links to current related websites. The photos and illustrations used on our site are based on our students’ drawings and pictures. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. State License # 304370845

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Text/Call 949-735-2905 now to get more information about our learning center or to see it from inside, meet with the teachers and children. Come visit us today!